Wednesday, 1 September 2010

These streets...

WOW. Tuesdays in town are so dull!
Everyone looked so unhappy&dressed head to toe in grey...
Finally after some scouring i found this guy
and took a quick snap of what he was wearing...
i really liked his style, especially the denim waistcoat
and leather jacket combination which are both hot trends this autumn.

from head to toe hes wearing RayBan (eske) glasses accessorising the top
half of his outfit along with his thick silver chain, which matches
the 'biker' look with the thick leather jackets topped off with a
denim waistcoat which he told me was £46 from a unique make
at urban outfitters.

I really like the contrasting characteristics in this outfit from the 'bad boy'
 rough effect of the thick leather jacket and denim waistcoat to the
high necked buttoned collar with a tight bow tie.

The bottom half of his outfit consists of cream 'chinos'
which are my least favourite part to the outfit...
i enjoy the style and the character of them,
just not the colour, because of the white shirt and
harshness of the black the warm tones in the trousers
don't really tie in well.
however i really like his floral patterned socks on show and
black patent brogues which are £70 from Office...

All in all i think this guys has great style! His accessories of the man
bag, studded bracelets, socks (£4- Mr Ben's vintage store), chain and glasses all give it a subtle
edge in combining it as a whole to portray his creativity and personality
which i think is a really important aspect in personal fashion.


The tones in this outfit harmonises well with a constant colour theme of black
and white-with a hint of blue accessorised with silver jewellery.
The lace shorts (£35-Topshop) make the outfit interesting, although they
may be black they have an interesting shape and lace texture.
The belt brings the outfit in at the waist creating a mid focal point to what shes wearing,
and also giving it more of a shape.
the silver buckle matches with her bangles and beaded sandals from river island.

I really like her bag as its woven straw/wood,
although it is from River Island its not your typical bag material,
its perfect for a busy shopping day to fit some bags into or to take to the
airport before jetting off on a summer holiday.

I think she has put her clothes together well, although it may be dark
colours it still has a summery feel to it with her bare legs and sandals.
Topshop yet proves again to be a successful summer shop supplier
Jacket:£45(Kate Moss)


had to chop my face off, wasn't the most complimentary of shots.

hippy 'chic' style, one shouldered with floaty sleeve.
nice and airy on a night out
£45 Topshop, accompanied with my black peep toe wedges £28 from NewLook.

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