Thursday, 5 August 2010

05/08/2010 13:07pm

Today it is hot.
And when i say hot i mean just over 20 degrees Celsius, which for Glasgow is a SCORCHER. The grass in the garden is a perfect emerald green with a large abundance of perfectly formed daisies- and it's dry! For once when i stand up my denim shorts don't have an exceeding large wet patch, which for most people in my flat tenement (who didn't know i was sitting on the grass) would understandably think id 'had an accident'.

Annnnnnnyway i decided this would be a perfect opportunity for me to start this blogging business. I've read many blogs and loved the whole 'idea' of them, but apart from being 'too busy', 'too tired' or any other lazy excuse under the sun, I just never really thought anyone would be interested in reading mine, but hey who knows.

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